what to expect from our workshops


what you will learn

You will learn the basics of construction techniques, relating specifically to plumbing and electrics. After completing the workshop, you will leave with skills enabling you to carry out basic tasks within your own home or even inspired to follow a career in construction. All of our Workshops can be easily adapted to all skill levels. We want to encourage people not to be scared of failing – this is the key to learning!

Life skills

· Practical-based problem solving

· Construction techniques

· Understand that failure is an opportunity to learn

· Instilling confidence and encouragement to explore.

Outline of the workshop

Our general workshops can be adapted to allow for individual needs to be met.

· Introduction, workshop outline, and health and safety briefing.  

· Equipment and tools specific to the project; appropriate use and safety.

· Explanation of project – demonstration and expectations.

· Execution of project – full support and practical training.

· De-brief and evaluation of key learning goals achieved.

· Group challenge:  Fun, interactive challenge where two groups go head to head, on a time specific exercise, using the skills learned in the workshop. 

Post course pack

After you have completed the workshop you will receive a certificate of your achievements also a momento of the workshop you have made. Also in the post course pack you will receive all the relevant information you will need to explore a career in construction in your area. 


Our workshops can be tailored to your needs  but generally they last around 90 mins to 2 hrs.

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