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Unvented Hot Water Storage Training

Plumbing Courses

Unvented Hot Water Storage Training

Is this the right path for me?


Here at Teach A Trade we can help you gain the knowledge and the ability to safely service and maintain domestic hot water systems, if it’s you first time getting this qualification, or your needing to do a re-assessment, feel free to get in contact with our staff.

This course will be for those who are experienced plumbing and heating operatives who have the need for the qualification of installation, servicing and maintaining hot water systems. This course has been developed to ensure operatives are aware of the Approved Document G (ADG) which was updated in 2016

What are the pre-requisites?


There are some requirements that need to be met for this course:

  • Candidate must be experienced with the installation of domestic cold water and hot water systems
  • You must be DCLG recognized competent in a conventional fuel
  • A basic understanding of WRAS water fitting regulations
  • It would be desirable if you understand Part G Document
What will I be doing on this course?


In this course you will meet the requirements to install G3 Unvented Hot Water Systems, and this will also cover systems of up to 500 liters capacity and up to 45kW power input. During this time, you will also be trained and assessed in several areas, these include:

  • Regulations, standards, and guidelines
  • Theory of understanding of expansion of hot water (HW)
  • Principles of HW Storage
  • Design considerations Safety controls, discharge, and integration
  • Installation of HW systems
  • Maintenance and servicing of HW systems including Unvented HWS
  • Health and safety considerations


This course is very quick to complete and can be done within 1-2 Days. The 1st day will be spent at the Training Center, during this time you’ll be shown practical applications, and the 2nd day will be spent looking over the approved Document G (this can be done from the comfort of your home). And finally, you’ll have to complete some short-written questions along with some multiple-choice questions. This qualification will last for up to 5 years until you must be re-assessed.



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