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Introduction to Electrics

Electrical Courses

Introduction to Electrics

Introduction to electrics

With this introduction, we at Teach A Trade have made a 4-day electric course. You won’t need any previous experience or knowledge prior to starting this course, also it’s a great start to get into this rewarding industry.

During this course the majority of what you will be doing, will be spent doing the practical side; however, we do believe that health and safety comes first as well as the technical knowledge to ensure success. Whilst in centre our expert trainer will teach you all you need to know.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to be able to do and talk about:

  • Installing a consumer unit
  • Installing socket fronts (and replacing)
  • Fitting a light
  • Fitting an extractor fan
  • Regulations
  • Installations
  • The ability to Refer to the 18th Edition books

This is of course only the start; however, this will pave the way for a very rewarding and enjoyably challenging career. And this course is a brilliant introduction into comfortably understanding the electrics of your own household.

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