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The ACS Reassessment & Renewal course is for experienced gas engineers that need to renew their existing ACS certificate and qualifications.

What This Course Involves

The ACS Reassessment & Renewal course is for experienced gas engineers (Category 1) who need to renew their existing ACS certificate and qualifications including CCN1, CPA1, CENWAT, HTR1, and CKR1. In order for gas engineers to continue to remain on the Gas Safe register, and continue to carry out their work legally and safely, it is a requirement to renew their ACS qualifications every five years.

Operatives with expired certificates (less than 12 months) or those who are due to expire within the next 6 months will need to complete their ACS Reassessment to maintain their certification and Gas Safe registration. We recommend that you allow 2/5 days depending on your knowledge and experience, taking into consideration updated regulations. Your ACS Reassessment & Renewal course will take 2 days. However, we do recommend you opt for our ACS Reassessment & Renewal plus full training on up to date regulations over 5 days for £999.00.

If your certificate expires within the next 6 months, and you complete your reassessment before it expires, you don’t lose any time. Your reassessment, upon successful completion, will extend your existing certification date for a further five years. Therefore, we would advise you to book in at least a month in advance of your certificate expiring to ensure you secure a place but also take advantage of any quiet periods in your working calendar. Book yourself a place if you know you have some free time coming up.

We also offer a service in which we contact you to remind you when your certificate is due to expire. Please contact our staff to let us know that you require this service, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting again!

Course Content

Our ACS reassessment is a mixture of theory and practical training and assessment.

Please note you will only be able to renew any existing qualifications/certificates. If you wish to extend your scope of work by adding any appliances to your certificate, this will incur additional charges.

  • CCN1 & CPA1 – Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety and Combustion Analysis
  • CENWAT – Central Heating Boilers and Hot Water Heaters. (Previously CEN & WAT1 ACS were separate modules. They are now combined to form the CENWAT).
  • HTR1 – Gas Fires and Wall Heaters.
  • CKR1 -Domestic Cookers

Assessment Method

Practical and written test.

*If candidates fail to achieve the required level of competency in either the practical or theory assessment, it may be necessary for them to re-sit the sections which they have failed. If this situation arises an additional cost will be incurred.


Previous ACS certificates (expired within 12 months, or due to expire within the next 6 months), your gas safe registration number and expiry date.

Although training is not a pre-requisite to the reassessment, many gas installers feel that refresher training, before they undertake their ACS reassessment, beneficial. It allows trainers to identify areas in which candidates require further training. This can be obtained at an additional cost.