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Plumbing Introduction Course

Plumbing Courses

Plumbing Introduction Course

The introduction to plumbing course is suitable for total beginners with no previous experience or tradespersons such as tilers, plasterers, joiners, kitchen fitters etc who wish to undertake plumbing tasks from changing taps, plumbing in a kitchen sink including a washing machine to full bathroom replacements including fitting of radiators to gain more work and income.

Full Time – 2 Weeks Monday – Friday 9am – 2pm
Part Time – 6 Weeks Tuesday, Thursday 6pm – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 12pm

Week 1


Working with and using 15mm and 22mm copper pipe and fixings, fitting isolation valves and pipe bending. Using a variety of fittings and tools to produce pipework.
Bathroom Design/Planning Plan and install a bathroom (bath, taps, toilet, basin and all wastes) Installation of bathroom will be with copper pipe and fittings and you will use a pipe bender and soldering fittings to create a neat customer standard job. 1st and 2nd fix installations explained and planned before bathroom installing proceeds. Bathroom will be tested up to mains working pressure and should there be any leaks, they will need fixing!

Common Plumbing Parts Explained

Before the toilet is installed a full strip down and explanation of internal cistern fittings and different types of flush mechanisms you will come across. Fault finding, diagnosis of toilet flush problems and how to repair different faults. How to fix faults and repair valves etc. Common plumbing call out jobs explained including an pricing projects, call outs and emergency call out work including hourly rates and plumbing day rates.

Week 2

This 2nd week of the 10-day plumbing course is aimed at expanding on the first week and developing your knowledge of what the first week courses leave you with. Although we do cover heating systems and installing a 2 or 3 radiator system on the first week, on the advanced plumbing course you will complete a fitting of a domestic hot water storage system. The course will also expand on the bathroom side and a full suite including thermostatic mixer shower and all traps, waste pipes including soil pipe and stack will be fitted.

Heating Systems

Install a small 2 radiator system (3 radiators if your skills / timeframe allows) using copper pipe and fittings and again using the pipe bender to create a professional job keeping pipework neat and hopefully leak free! Fill your radiator system up to pressure and bleed the air out. Check for leaks and then undergo a common fault finding and valve replacement. Drain down techniques and heating systems explained. You will also remove a radiator with water inside and learn how to hang and refit radiators.

Hot Water Storage

Moving onto the various types of hot water storage systems. You will learn the principles of how each system works, fault finding, installation techniques and considerations. Topics covered include –
• Understand central heating plans and different cylinders used
• Fit header tanks and gate valves
• Fit a shower pump
• Fit a thermostatic mixer shower

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