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A word from the founder

Hello, my name is Harry. I started Teach a Trade to help people in a similar position to myself when I was younger. 

I struggled through school with dyslexia and dyscalculia. I didn't have any direction and got despondent and stressed over my future career. After a lot of wasted time and false starts, I was fortunate to be offered an opportunity to get into heating and plumbing. 

The hands-on approach really helped my confidence and my life rapidly got back on track. 

Fast forward ten years, and I now have my own plumbing and heating business. I feel very strongly that without the help I got, I might not have made it to where I am now. 

It feels like this is the right time to offer my help and share my expertise to those who feel lost and lacking direction, like I was, and need some guidance and the right opportunities to make a decision on their own future.

The need for Teach A Trade

 The number of young people (16-25yrs) in construction only accounts for 9.6% of the total workforce despite it being a year on year growth industry. We believe there are very few opportunities for young people to sample construction; allowing them to choose the right area for them. 

We will change this!

Our community commitment

We make a promise, that at least once a month, we will select a local charity or community project and collaborate with them to provide a fully financed workshop, allowing people, who may not otherwise get the opportunity, to experience different aspects of construction.

Our Team

We ensure that all our instructors have real, practical experience in their various sectors within the construction industry. This provides the most realistic workshop experience, and allows them to impart a comprehensive and honest representation of their trade.


At Teach A Trade, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to take part in new and enriching experiences. 

Inspiration without  judgment - guidance  from knowledge.

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